Friday, 10 June 2011

Embarrasing Moments!!!

Truth be told, we've all had our fair share of moments where we wish the earth could open up and swallow us whole... but then, this never happens...time passes, the clock ticks and life goes on...but the memories remain, the good thing about time is it takes the sting off the story and you can actually relieve this memory and laugh at yourself...and that my peops is what I'm doing today.
Well for those of you that know me, you're not allowed to laugh at me when you see me :D if you do, I'll get my pound of flesh right back "christianly speaking" :P


I live close to an underground station and I've made friends with almost all the attendants don't ask me how, it just happened.
Anyways, on a warm sunny afternoon, I was on my way out when I saw one of the underground attendants, I hadn't seen her in ages so I greeted her warmly and was teasing her about missing in action because she was pregnant right tbh, she honestly did look pregnant :(.
Wrong! She said she wasn't pregnant that she's just been on holiday...I looked everywhere but at her face, if I was fair complexioned, I would have turned red from my root outwards. It was a cringe-worthy moment indeed.
I couldn't share this with anybody for days, I marveled at my brashness and slapped me mentally for a long time!


I was on the lift with a lady and this drunk man came to join us. He kept chatting on and on about nothing and I remember all that kept running through my mind was...LORD DON'T LET THIS GUY PUKE IN THIS LIFT!!! The other lady was quiet and unresponsive to the drunk man through out.
As I was about to exit the lift, I whispered to the woman "He is drunk" ... She replied in a whisper "I know; he is my husband"
Talk of putting my foot in it! *sigh* thankfully I got out of the lift and disappeared into thin air!


This particular story haunts me to date!
I was at an event, looking really great and graciously accepting compliments when my nose started tickling me *hay fever style*.
I tried sneezing a couple of times and when the big sneeze finally came, it came with a fart!!!
Ohhh the SHAME! I almost died! I was frozen and remained immobile for minutes.
What was going through my mind? don't wanna know!
And I'm sure I probably turned purple but hey I had to psyche myself out of it.
I told the lady sitting beside me(A known person by the way) that I would have gladly died at that point in time and guess what the silly girl said??? what happened?RME... like she didn't know!kmt
PS: TD if you're reading this, I know you were lying to probably make me feel better 'cos I saw the look AA gave you.
Oh well c'est la vie!:)

*EM=Embarrassing Moment.

So the question that begs to be asked is; have you ever been embarrassed or do you have an embarrassing story to share? If you have/do, pray share!

Will be right back ;)

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