Saturday, 12 January 2013

When in doubt...PRAISE!!!

I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus to take me home and mentally calculating the outgoings in my budget while standing. Then I decide to “write the vision” so I took out a notepad and a pen right there at the bus stop and started calculating.
All I focused on was the outflow, my eyes were closed to the inflow … then I started complaining and “petitioning God” and asking silly questions like “Lord when will this outflow reduce”? “Lord when will I “balance”? “Lord do something”!
I suddenly developed amnesia … I was the same person telling God to sort me out a couple of months back, here I was with a miracle job and all I could complain about was the outflow instead of thanking the God that has enabled me to pay for the outgoings!
In my troubled state, I got on the bus and only discovered my bag was “AWOL” when I was on the platform at the station waiting to board the next train home. I became aware when I wanted to take a pen from my bag to solve the Sudoku at the back of the dailies I was reading.
I almost passed out, I went to meet the platform attendant to complain that my bag was stolen... he said and I quote “there are no thieves on this platform”… In a different scenario, I probably would have rolled my eyes but in this situation, my eyes welled up with tears and I was this close to wailing but then I remembered who and most importantly whose I am and I decided to do what I ought to have been doing in the first place, I began to praise God who is my all in all. I changed my confession and declared that my bag wasn't stolen. I asked the Holy Spirit to guard my bag till I see it (and yes I said all this after asking for forgiveness for complaining bitterly instead of praising Him).
You see it is one thing to lose a property that is insured, it is another thing to lose a property that is irreplaceable!
Then I remembered my work phone was in my bag…Oh my days!!! My ID card, the fob to get into the office building, I had just been given that morning.
Bottom line is I chose to believe the God that said He will rebuke the devourer for my sake.
I called my work phone and a lady picked it up, she said I left the bag at the bus stop! That must have been when I was busy making a mountain out of a molehill, having a jaundiced view of what God can do, forgetting to praise Him for His many miracles that I can never repay.
I’m on my way to be reunited with my beloved bag (I’ve never loved a bag the way I love it right now)!!!
Worrying and complaining never generates good result … praising Him on the other hand is a win-win!!!
Now I know that when in doubt, praise God, when in double doubt, praise Him some more … He has a way of showing up.
Lesson Learnt!!!
I got my bag back; everything was intact including the money in my wallet to the last penny. Two beautiful Caribbean ladies were the angels assigned to guard my bag.
I know some naysayers may come up with the theory of “coincidence”, here is my suggestion, try leaving your bag(ensure there’s money and important documents in there plus all your bank cards and address details) at a busy bus stop for over 30 minutes and see what happens.


Fluffycutething said...

You must have been relieved to get that bag back! God always come through I tell u

aloted said...

hmmm deep! i will praise!

thanks for sharing