Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mercy Said No!!!

There I was on way my out, I was just about to cross the busy high street to the other side when the traffic light flashed RED!!! Well I thought I still had some few seconds before the light turned green for the oncoming vehicles to move alas I was dead wrong!!!
The bus nearby at that point decided to move...driver breaks sharply, I rendered my apologies and was just about to cross to the other side when this car almost ran me down!!!
Thanks to the timely action of the driver, I probably will be suffering a broken leg or two or even be at the pearly gate waiting to enter at most...
No my life did not flash before me but I remember thinking Lord is this it? just like that?...but Mercy said NO!!!
Hmmmn I am just totally grateful that God spared my life. Please join me in giving thanks.

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ShawnDaVinci said...

No be small thin oh...Thank God for you.