Monday, 16 May 2011

Ninja or Fart Protector::D

It's been monkey years since I put anything up here and I promise, it's not my fault, blame life and all the mountain of things to do that never gets finished.
How have I been? Very well thank you ;) Between job-hunting and hunt jobbing, I've been living life and living it more abundantly to the best of my ability; which leads me to my gist:D
A while back, I went away for the weekend with a great friend of mine and we shared a room together, it was a good one but the gal turned me to a ninja(fart protector) heeheeheehee *inserts picture* yeah that's me..had to protect myself from the dangerous emission...babes if you're reading this, you know ?I've got nothing but love for you!
Then comes evening and the snoring started...I couldn't help recording the beautiful track my friend was trying to compose...right here:
Uggghhh couldn't put the voice note up! Can any techie person help? :D

I've decided to turn this blog to a humorous one...if there's anything I've come to realise, it is the fact that life is filled with humour regardless of how terrible the situation is, there's always something to laugh about...should I tell you about the time I walked into the wrong room in a hotel?...hmmmm okay let me think about it, looking forward to reading from y'all!
Just Look and Laugh:D

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Jummy said...

You love seeing the humour in things so I'm not surprised this blog will be a humour blog! Glad to see some new entries on here!