Thursday, 26 May 2011

Covent Garden and Food shopping @ Selfridges...

It was my friend's birthday and I really had an awesome time going round London(I hope she did too!:/)...okay maybe not London exactly but Westend is part of London right...*confused look*.
anyways it was a good one, met up with a couple of friends and you know what happens when girls come together...sheesh we didn't talk men kmt I'm talking about SHOES! gorrit??? S-H-O-E-S!!!
Right where was I? yeah so we went to some shoe shops and I tried on some heavenly, adorable, mouth watering shoes...PS: I would like you to know that @ this point, I am now accepting cash and vouchers for Christmas...yeah I know it is like many moons away but hey planning is good right and I'm not going to wait for you to finish allocating money before I let you...treat this as priority *wink*.
Okay so I tried the shoes on and I promise they shoes spoke to they really really loved me and it was a tearful separation but that is not the topic of this post.

Luckily or whatever you may want to call it, Liam Ghallagher opened his new shop @ Covent garden... the crowd was there...hmmm trust yours truly to join in the fun, oh well it was after asking a couple of people that we found out that the crowd in front of the shop was actually waiting for his arrival like seriously? *now rolling my eyes... had to visit my friend google to check him out when I got home:)...forgive me you great fans of his... the name sounded familiar but I just couldn't figure out where I heard it from.
Back to the crowd...they started sharing out this envelope and as a sharp naija gal...I stretched my arms too..actually scratch that, my arms suddenly grew very long lol.
I opened the envelope to see all these:

Err the square in the middle is a "Pretty Green" badge and 10% voucher code to be spent instore or online and the other cards are pictures of him taken by various people!

I almost slapped myself for hustling for pictures but the birthday girl who happens to have "commercial blood" literally running through her veins convinced me not to bin it but check ebay to see what it can fetch!Hmmmm will keep you posted!
Then it was the food tasting time at covent garden where I displayed my "skills" as a food connosieur heeheehee...hmmm did someone just say that is another word for longthroat? yeah whatever...point is I tasted the food(s) accordingly:D
that's the birthday girl wolfing down a cheese burger:D and she wanted hot dog after that major portion...I simply reminded her of the fact that it may be a minute on the lips, but it's a lifetime on the hips!

Yep...that's right, I want you to turn your computer upside down to see that pix!teeheehee.

The illusionist was there to make peops laugh as usual but seriously those people are either wizards or I'm ignorant...I choose A in this case!
We made our way to Selfridges and I'm telling you now that the best time to go foodshopping(perishable goods especially) is in the evening when they are about to close! Yeah I know; how late can I be in discovering such a goldmine or oh...what a cheapskate you are...either reaction is fine with me:D
Got to Lola's and the cup cakes(four in a box) was buy one get one free!Somebody wake me up!!!
We quickly made our way to the ice-cream joint only to find out they had closed already, I bet the sad and disappointed look on my face made the lady give me a very full tub of ice-cream, my eyes lit up like a child who just got thrown into a candy store.PS: It was free! Oh the joy!I was in ice-cream heaven!
Got back in time for the birthday gal to cut her cake:) *insert cake*

In conclusion, it was a good day!


Jummy said...

Now how does a teensy female like you enjoy food so much without gaining an ounce? I need to learn your secret :)

aloted said...

enjoyment all round!

Anonymous said...

Her secret is to eat while jumping up and down *winks* BukkyGp

Beeci said...

@Jummy lol :D That's cos I spend more time looking at it and admiring the work of art than eating it!heeheehee continues on monday ;)
@Bukky :P...*sticking my tongue out @ ya:)